Five Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

Five Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

by Anna Davis

Writing a press release can seem like a daunting task. In college, I learned how to write standard press releases, very boring and plan. It wasn’t until I started working for FMPR that I learned that lifestyle public relations press releases can be fun! With that said, there are some standard practices that should always be followed.

1. Answer the 5 W’s In the First Paragraph: These are Who, What, Where, When, and Why. The media receive hundreds of press releases a day, so they need a quick way to decide if they are interested and want to continue reading. This first paragraph should grab the media’s attention while also giving them all of the major information.

2. Have FUN With It: For example, if you’re writing a press release about an event with a theme, use creative imagery and key phrases to tie the theme in.

3. Talking About Quotes: Quotes from key players can personalize the press release and build credibility.

4. A Hot Boilerplate: At the end of the press release, include the company’s boilerplate, a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences) that explains the company or organization. This is like an elevator pitch that should be used consistently in all forms of marketing and branding.

5. Title Champion. Probably the most difficult to write but most important part of the press release. Headlines need to be eye-catching and interesting. Powerful. Short and sweet – no longer than 10 words. We often reuse it as the Subject of our e-mail, so it better be good so that media will open it!